Monday, August 29, 2011

11:32pm Still Augustus 29th / Wide awake

It seems I have lived in Melbourne for so long now. Though I have only really been here for a couple of sun rain and wind filled months. Leaving Brisbane for good was probably the easiest thing I have ever done. I do miss my family from time to time but there are few things other than my family that I do miss. I think that when I do eventually return home nothing will have changed. The thing with Queensland is, is that it never really changes dramatically. Yeah a couple of new bridges will be situated in the city over the river thanks to Anna Bligh. But over the years that I lived there which was 18 of them. It was probably as exciting as strolling to the end of your street and back again.

Melbourne on the other hand is forever changing. There are always new and inviting events to go to. There are places I have never seen over the entirety of Victoria and people I have never met. 

Yes, it may get dreary from time to time and seem miserable watching all the suits fold into the tram like tetris blocks trying to get to work each morning while there isn't a skerrick of sun to be seen. But it is because of those mourning hours and depressing tads of weather that come Thursday/Friday you will look to the city and see the traffic booming and the lights so bright hung from the near disintegrating buildings. People rushing around like geese trying to get to the loved ones they actually choose to spend their weekend with.

From the little alley ways filled to the top of the buildings with art works to the Dandenong ranges which I am yet to visit to the beautiful Carlton Gardens where I spent most my time when I first arrived to the 6th floor of the Nicholson building where my friends now share a studio and is a creative and free space for me to go and clear my mind. Melbourne is amazing.It makes me feel alive and part of this city, Melbourne is home now. Somewhere I can be with the people who are my family now, my best friends.

Whom without I would be so utterly deluded and stuck in my mind forever. . .

7:46pm Wendy Bevan

Over the years I have searched and found some of my absolute favorite photographers. Annie Leibovitz, Man Ray, Helmut Newton, Cindy Sherman, Richard Avedon, Diane Arbus, Cecil Beaton, David Bailey, Guy Bourdin, Fernand Fonssagrives, Wilhelm von Gloeden and Sam Haskins, just to mention a few.

So when a close friend showed me the photographer Wendy Bevan I fell in love with photography all over again. With a slightly eerie, mysterious feel under the incandescent shadowing light her photographs leave you wanting to enter the world of Wendy Bevan...

[WENDY+BEVAN-1.1.jpg][Wendy_Bevan_Sarah_Stephens_Muse_16_Spring_Summer_2008_Flying_Circus_001scn.jpg] Wendy BevanWendy BevanWendy BevanWendy 4Wendy 1 


Wendy 5Wendy 3Wendy 2